Theory creating a window illusion
Teaching an Old Wall New Tricks - Trompe l'oeil
The phrase Trompe l'oeil originates in the Baroque period in Rome
and Italy around 1600 AD. It refers to perspectival illusionism. 
Creating the illusion of objects in a 3 dimensional perspective such
as depicting a window, door, or hallway, curtains or still life suggesting more investigation by the observer.

"An ancient Greek story depicts a renown painter Zeuxis, born around 464 BC. Zeuxis produced a still life painting so convincing that birds flew down to peck at the painted grapes." Just an example. 

I focus on creating the illusion of windows, stone, granite, marble and wood. These have been extremely popular for me to paint in areas or rooms with little light and/or no real windows. Also taking PVC plumbing pipe and creating pillars with the illusion of marble, granite or even wood. I've also painted over 300 steel doors in homes through out the Okanagan turning the door panels into wood grain. I hope you enjoy just a few examples of my trompe l' oeil paintings.

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Rocky Mountain Murals is located in Kelowna British Columbia. Doug Illman has over 35 years in the murals/decorating business and over 500 successful projects in the Okanagan. 

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