Creation begins with Consulting

The basic creating of an animated mural such as this one was not only fun but a real pleasure working with the management team at Orchard Mall. Once all the consulting and preliminary sketches are complete and approved the actual drawing starts and the filling of colour begins. Characters are very important when your final goal is to entertain small children. Careful selection of subjects and placement of animals is key. Other items like a simple apple tree, something kids can relate to also creates a visual lesson to children. Counting apples for example. Identifying different birds, bees, bunnies, squirrel, mouse and even leaves all gather together and make the experience binding and fun for all.

 Next is the marketing of the room and it's location. Creating a clean inviting

visual is what makes it all work. The mall headers come first at both sides of the mall which meet together at the Parenting Room Apple. Hallways with talking birds saying "Follow Me" and "Almost There" are speaking to the parents and children. Then the apple and it's recognizable worm. A Happy worm I might add making sure the invitation to the room itself appears friendly for kids. The main hallways have a tree with blowing leaves and blossoms blowing in the direction of the apple...this mural was a blast and enjoyed every moment....enjoy!

   "Feel the Romance of Murals!"

Rocky Mountain Murals